AVON VitaminC Serum

AVON VitaminC Serum

Vitamin C

The Vitamin C of 30 oranges in every bottle: Avon delivers new supercharged serum

ANEW Essential Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum opens up Avon to consumers looking for a luminous, youthful complexion

Avon has announced the launch of its latest skincare breakthrough, new ANEW Essential Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum. This supercharged Vitamin C serum delivers the Vitamin C of 30 oranges in every bottle – 10% pure, powerful, stabilised Vitamin C.

As consumers increasingly seek luminous, youthful complexions as well as protected and nourished skin, Avon is leveraging its skincare expertise to open up the brand to a new set of consumers seeking the benefits of

Vitamin C. Avon was the first-ever mass brand to stabilise Vitamin C in the ‘90s and this new innovation delivers the essential nutrient for radiant skin in a pure, stable and potent dose, yet at an accessible price point.

Developed by Avon’s world-class team of beauty experts and scientists , this new supercharged serum achieved one of the highest approval rates in the history of ANEW: 99% of women agreed that the serum boosted the radiance of their skincare regimen while 92% agreed that it left their skin looking and feeling fresh. Also, 91% agreed that ANEW Essential Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum made their skin look brighter, more luminous and revitalized immediately after the first use.*

“Skincare is a critical driver of Avon’s transformation journey,” says Anna Chokina, Vice President Global Brand Marketing at Avon who leads the charge for skincare growth. “Avon is a true pioneer in skincare innovation. The products work and that’s what drives repeat purchase. The most exciting thing about the launch of ANEW Essential Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum is the opportunity it offers to reach new consumers and tap into the ever-increasing demand for natural antioxidants from fruit and vegetables. It’s suitable for everyone – from the people who are just starting to think about taking care of their skin to those who want a rejuvenated, luminous complexion from serious, proven skincare.”

“Vitamin C is an essential nutrient of glowing skin, but it’s not produced by our own body so we need to get it from external sources,” explains Anthony Gonzalez, Director Skincare Product Development at Avon. “This powerhouse anti-oxidant helps to protect against damaging free radicals and dramatically improves skin’s radiance and makes the complexion more even.

But since Vitamin C can quickly lose potency when in contact with light and air, the efficacy can be compromised. We have developed a potent, pure and stable formula that stays active from the first to the last drop, delivering the equivalent concentration of Vitamin C of 30 oranges – more than a lot of other Vitamin C products out there which are non-stabilized or are composed of Vitamin C derivatives.”


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