Have a AVON Christmas

Have a AVON Christmas

Have a AVON Christmas

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This is going to be the first Pre-Christmas blog post. Allthough I still find it early but here we are. 

Many houses around me are already starting to put up the christmas decoration and the first christmas cards have arrived. Certainly as a business we have been planing for christmas since the summer already and now finally the brochures are put together, the offers have been written and the website has been updated. We call it pre-christmas season. 


Once again, AVON has done it and a lot of great special products have been added to the line, that are exclusive only for christmas. Once they are gone they are gone. All christmas items are special buys and we have them only for a short time.

Just check out our great offers and stocking fillers for this year.


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Improving our environmental impact

Improving our environmental impact

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Avon for Animals

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