Improving our environmental impact

Improving our environmental impact

Improving our environmental impact

We work to continually reduce our environmental footprint and responsibly manage our global operations. Our worldwide environmental management team is committed to implementing our policies, processes and goals, and we are proud of the progress we’ve made to date.

Reducing carbon emissions

We continue to focus on reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption, as well as increasing the use of renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint. We aspire to achieve zero emissions by using 100% clean energy and we are proud of the progress we’ve made to reduce our absolute GHG emissions.

Water stewardship

We continue to take steps to use water wisely and to conserve this valuable resource, especially in water stressed parts of the world, and we have almost met our 2020 water consumption target. We continue to implement projects to achieve zero water waste discharge in water-scarce countries where we operate, particularly in India, China and Brazil. Our manufacturing sites are committed to efforts to reduce water consumption.

Waste and recovery

We have reduced solid waste and increased recycling rates at manufacturing facilities through programmes that convert waste to energy, reuse wastewater sludge and educate global manufacturing associates on ways to reduce waste. We have surpassed our 2020 target of 90% ahead of time, and will continue to drive further as we review our new goals.

Sustainable packaging

We use a variety of plastic, glass, paper and cardboard packaging materials for our products. We aim to continually reduce the environmental impact of packaging during the product development process and in ongoing business operations. Any sustainability initiatives are designed to ensure a high-quality product, where the packaging is safe, suitable for consumer use and meets all regulatory requirements. We continue to evaluate opportunities to reduce our impact through packaging by reducing or eliminating unnecessary packaging, using post-consumer recycled materials in primary and secondary packaging and using refills and bio-based packaging resins. Additional initiatives to reduce the impact of packaging include carton elimination, refillable packaging, light weighting and scalability.

Tackling deforestation

As a direct seller whose ‘store’ is a brochure and printed materials, with virtually no brick and mortar stores, our business is a significant user of paper. The issue of deforestation is especially important to us, given this reliance on paper. We are committed to helping end deforestation through our Avon Paper Promise and our commitment to supporting sustainable palm oil production

Avon Paper Promise

We are committed to optimising our overall use of paper in every area of our business, including basis weight reductions, reductions in brochure size and increasing the use of digital media as a replacement for paper-based products.

Our Paper Promise is a comprehensive policy for promoting responsible forest use and protecting forests. We are making significant progress towards our Paper Promise goal to purchase 100% of our paper from certified and/or post-consumer recycled content sources by 2020.

To track progress and achieve our goals, Avon voluntarily reports the amount of wood fibre we purchase from suppliers under each of the forest certifications systems through WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network.

In 2018 we launched a mobile and e-interactive shoppable brochure, which, as well as enhancing the digital capabilities of our Representatives, will significantly reduce our paper use.

Palm Oil
Although more than 80% of palm oil is used for food products, palm oil is one of many natural oils used in personal care products and its production is associated with tropical deforestation and peatland depletion, which can result in the loss of natural habitats for endangered species and human rights issues.

As a company, we are committed to protecting the environment and respecting and upholding the human rights of the communities and workers affected by our operations and supply chain.

Although Avon is a relatively small user of palm oil or palm kernel oil (PKO) and predominantly uses ingredients that are derivatives, in our efforts to minimise our impact on the environment, we are committed to supporting the sustainable and responsible production of palm oil. We do this through our membership of the RSPO (round table on sustainable palm oil) and through holding our suppliers accountable to our responsible sourcing principles. In 2018, 51% of our palm oil derivatives, sourced from our 14 largest suppliers, was sourced from companies committed publicly to NDPE (no deforestation, peat or exploitation) principles and we are working hard to increase this and source from suppliers committed to these principles. Since 2011, we supported the production of sustainable palm oil through the Book & Claim RSPO programme, which means that we pay a voluntary premium to a palm oil producer operating within the RSPO strict guidelines for social and environmental responsibility to offset our use of untraceable palm oil derivatives in the production of our products. Since 2017, we have also focused on increasing transparency within our supply chain and promoted transformation programmes. Communicating our progress and commitments We commit to remaining open and transparent about our palm oil sustainability and traceability efforts. We report annually on progress and future actions in our Responsible Business Report and in our RSPO Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP).
Avon named as one of Brazil’s Top 10 Most Creative Brands of 2019

Avon named as one of Brazil’s Top 10 Most Creative Brands of 2019

Avon named as one of Brazil’s Top 10

Made Only From Organic Materials

Top Brazilian marketing magazine, Meio & Mensagem, has named Avon as one of the top 10 Most Creative Brands of 2019. Avon is joined on the list by world-class brands including Burger King, McDonald’s, Fiat, Heineken and Nike.

The business was praised by Meio & Mensagem, one of the country’s leading business publications, for how it connected with the public, with personality and innovation, throughout the year.

Several highlights from 2019 were lauded by the judging panel, including a series of campaigns which championed female sporting stars and celebrated their achievements. From sponsoring the Flamengo Regatta Club in Rio de Janeiro, to featuring Brazilian female footballer Marta Vieira da Silva in its lipstick campaign, Avon’s work celebrated female strength, talent, empowerment and freedom. Marta – the highest scorer in the history of the World Cup – was pictured wearing Avon’s Power Stay Liquid Lip Colour in the competition. The image jump-started the launch of Power Stay lipstick in Brazil last summer.

Avon was also recognised for its creativity in finding and using new platforms to communicate with and market to customers in a digital age.

The business selected brand ambassador Vivi Guedes, a blogger character played by Brazilian actress Paolla Oliveira, to showcase its products in an innovative new marketing approach. Through the popular soap opera and on Instagram, both the character and the actress were able to drive Avon’s brand messages.

Using cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence, Avon used the Genius Algorithm to process thousands of online consumer comments, which enabled the business to define and rank social media’s most desired lash benefits. This unprecedented level of consumer insight coupled with Avon’s renowned R&D expertise meant that True 5-in-1 Lash Genius Mascara delivered the top five benefits wanted in a mascara: volume, length, lift, definition and dramatic black colour with no trade offs. 

Danielle Bibas, Vice President Brand Marketing, Brazil, said: “We are so proud to be listed in the top 10 most creative brands, among some of the biggest and best brands in the world. Meio & Mensagem is a highly respected title so this is a huge achievement. This year our focus will be on business growth and brand building. We are opening Avon up to new approaches, technology and ways of working, and it’s a very exciting time for the business so watch this space for more creativity in 2020.”

Avon for Animals

Avon for Animals

Avon for Animals

Avon does not test products or ingredients on animals anywhere in the world. We have been working for acceptance of non-animal methods for three decades. In 2019 Avon became the first global beauty company* selling in China to stop all animal testing of ingredients and across all its brands**.

A global stand against animal testing.

Our goal is to deliver products to meet our customers’ needs without compromising our commitment to animal welfare, our high product safety standards or our adherence to regulatory requirements. By investing in how we develop innovation for China and in some cases changing distribution channels, we have been able to deliver this landmark change. Globally, none of Avon’s products will be tested on animals.


PETA celebrates Avon’s long-term commitment to ending all cosmetic testing on animals everywhere in the world, and we know millions of consumers will too. Avon’s support for non-animal testing methods has made a meaningful difference to the development, utilisation and acceptance of alternatives to animal testing.” Kathy Guillermo, Senior Vice President, PETA 

Humane Society International (HSI)

Avon supports HSI’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign calling to outlaw cosmetic animal testing in key global beauty markets.

“We are delighted to count Avon among our #BeCrueltyFree campaign supporters as we work with lawmakers across the globe toward meaningful policy change that reflects our shared vision of cruelty-free beauty.”

Troy Seidle, HSI Vice President for Research & Toxicology


Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME)

In Europe, Avon has partnered with FRAME for 30 years.

“FRAME is dedicated to the development of new, valid and ethical scientific methods that will replace the need for laboratory animals in medical and scientific research, education and testing.  Avon’s decision to stop testing in China sends an important message to the global cosmetics industry that animal testing for cosmetics is unnecessary and unacceptable, and that we must push for global acceptance of alternative techniques that are scientifically valid and have human relevance.”

Amy Beale, Scientific Liaison Officer at FRAME

Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS)

Avon is a founding member of IIVS’s Industry Council for the Advancement of Regulatory Acceptance of Alternatives (ICARAA), a working group that promotes specific activities designed to accelerate the adoption of non-animal methods by government agencies such as the Chinese Food & Drug Administration.

Avon has partnered with IIVS for over twenty years to develop and utilise novel in vitro testing platforms to ensure the safety of their products. These successful approaches have been adopted by other companies in the industry. Additionally, Avon has supported the IIVS Education and Outreach programmes to promote the use and acceptance of these methods worldwide”

Erin Hill, President, IIVS

Have Dry, Dead Hair? Not Anymore.

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The new AVON

The transformation has now been completed. Since last year we have been part of Natura Co, the owners of The Bodyshop, Aesop. We came in with our broad range of cosmetic products and our expertise of 60 years selling direct to the consumer. 

Not much has changed.

Not much will change.

But there will be changes.


60 years on



60 years on and we are still around that is something in today’s business world. 

We have been fighting may fights, we went off animal testing as one of the first companies in the world and we have been fighting animal testing for many years.

Our fights have paid off. In 2018 the last country with mandatory animal testing China, has stopped testing on animals because of us. 


In November 2019 we have launched our first VEGAN Skincare called distillery. Distillery proofs so successful that we will be launching decorative Make-up line in early 2020.

Brazilian cosmetics company Natura &Co has completed the acquisition of direct-selling company Avon Products.

The deal closure comes after Natura secured all mandatory regulatory approvals required for the acquisition last month.

Natura &Co will now have annual gross revenues of over $10bn and a total of 40,000 associates in over 100 countries.

The global, purpose-driven, multi-channel and multi-brand cosmetics group includes Avon, Natura, The Body Shop and Aesop.

Natura &Co will also hold significant positions in relationship vending online and offline by selling via Avon and Natura.

With over 3,000 retail stores and an expanded digital presence, the acquisition will strengthen the group’s position in the retail space.

Avon has been providing innovative, quality beauty products to women for 130 years.

Natura &Co executive chairman of the board of directors and group CEO Roberto Marques said: “Alongside the experienced, diverse and international senior management team we are announcing today, I am proud and privileged to lead Natura &Co’s next steps in its journey.

“Our aspiration is to build not just the best beauty company in the world, but the best beauty company for the world. With the addition of Avon, we have created a family of companies with unrivalled direct-to-consumer reach and a formidable platform for growth.”

In a separate development, the group has appointed a new senior leadership team to drive the company’s next growth phase.

Natura &Co existing executive chairman of the board of directors Roberto Marques will now serve as the group chief executive officer. Joao Paulo Ferreira has been appointed as Natura &Co Latin America CEO and Angela Cretu as CEO of Avon.

Our biggest Sale ever

Our biggest Sale ever


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