20 Years younger looking skin

20 Years younger looking skin

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If you’ve been skipping out on skin care, it’s time to talk. You don’t need to do much to repair, protect, and even pamper your mug. We’re recommending the most basic adjustments for long-lasting results. Come learn how to combat breakouts, shaving irritations, and those fine lines that’ll creep out of nowhere.

Plus, a little shine on the outside treats the inside, too.

Here’s how to get started — or how to brush up your game, because there’s always something new to help buff up your glow.

Simple skincare regiment


As with anything we do and expect results, skin care requires consistency. But developing a routine can seem daunting if you don’t know what to do or use.

My customer is currently 79 years old and she uses make-up, eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara every day. My customer has not used a special age performance skin care product. The most she has used was a cream from a big blue tub. She wanted an easy to use routine that she can use every day and that produces results. 

We started the transformation in November 2020 and now in February we want to share the results.



The Routine

I have recommended a daily and weekly routine for the customer. Easy to follow steps in a daily and weekly routine. So basically we had a day cream and serum, plus eaye cream in the morning and a night cream at night with a weekly mask. This routine we keep going and do every day before applying the daily make up

Daily Routine


Anew Ultimate Day and Night Cream.


ANEW Plumping Shots,

1 week treatment

Anew Clinical Plumping Concentrate

Anew ultimate Gold Peel Off Mask

Anew Clinical Lift & Firm Eye Cream

Anew Anti Ageing Eye Cream.

The daily routine in the morning

We had two routines every day morning and evening. The morning routine was for the first week, to apply the Anew Plumping Shots, followed by the Anew Eye Cream and the Day Cream. This was then followed by the daily make-up. After one week the plumping shots are a one week treatment, we have switched to the Anew Clinical Plumping Concentrate. The Anew plumping concentrate will be used every day.

The routine at night

At night it was a very simple routine. We just use the Anew ultimate night cream before bedtime.

Weekly extra Routine.

We added a extra weekly cleaning routine to the daily routine.  Once a week we added a clearing face peeling the gold peel off mask to the routine. It only costs a extra hour each week but brings fast and reliable results, and each skin needs taking good care.

The Results

As you can see from the before and after images, we have archieved a much smoother skin and a younger looking face, with many wrinkles that are no longer present and are gone. The face is much more toned and has an even texture. With this easy to use routine you can easily take off twenty years from your look.