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What if I said you can have a spa experience…in the comfort of your own home? If you lead a busy life, you could be struggling to make that extra appointment. Why not create that experience at home so you don’t have to worry about traffic or scheduling in yet another appointment in your calendar?


1. Light up some candles

If you love bubble baths, then light up some scented candles, dim the lights and soak in the tub either with a good book or some soothing music. Try some mandarin, patchouli or lavender scented candles or essential oils to calm the mind. If you have kids, get your partner to mind them by taking them out so you have some much needed peace to relax.


2. DIY scalp massage

Scalp massages are great for releasing tension in your head and neck and stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles. Simply warm up some hair oil and massage it in your scalp with slow and soothing hand movements massaging all the way down to your neck – play soft music to go with the massage.


3. Soak feet

Often we don’t realise how much our feet are neglected until they start to hurt. Immerse your feet in a bowl of warm water with some salts or essential oils and relax. Use a foot scrub to remove dead skin cells and slather your feet in some rich foot cream. Follow this relaxing soak with a cup of steaming green tea or chamomile tea to complete the spa experience.


4. Indulge in a body scrub

We are often in a rush to shower and move on to the next thing but in order to create a spa experience at home, definitely indulge in a body scrub. Either make your own with some sugar and olive oil or invest in a store bought one.


Sit in the bath to keep the mess to a minimum and start from your foot working your way up, apply the scrub in a circular motion. Scrub your arms and then gently do the same for your chest and tummy. Follow with a rich moisturising lotion after showering; try Amway’s Body Series® G & H Lotion for silky soft skin.


5. Mini facial

Switch on some music, and start by cleansing your skin with ARTISTRY® YOUTH XTEND™ Rich Cleansing Foam. Apply the cleanser and wipe off with some damp cotton balls or pads. The second step is to use a gentle exfoliate like ARTISTRY® essentials Polishing Scrub. Apply a toner followed by a masque like ARTISTRY® essentials Pore Cleansing Masque a special clay treatment which deep cleanses your skin and helps minimise pores. Rinse the masque off and then apply a serum and moisturising cream. Try ARTISTRY® YOUTH XTEND™ Enriching Cream for the ultimate DIY spa experience.


Happy relaxing!

AVON is cruelty-free and vegan

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