K-beauty: eight tips for gorgeous skin

K-beauty: eight tips for gorgeous skin

One of the most beloved skincare regimens in the world, K-beauty is becoming increasingly accessible and, with a few simple steps, it can be easy to follow

South Korea is considered to be twelve years ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to skincare innovation. No wonder Koreans have a reputation for having the most cared for skin on Earth. The secret is daily care and a beauty routine that is taken seriously by men and women from childhood.

But achieving a Korean-like skincare regimen sometimes feels too time-consuming. Not anymore! Avon travelled to South Korea to create a full line of k-beauty products and we brought back eight Korean secrets for beautiful, glowing skin:

1 – Cleansing: if you are wearing make-up, the first step is to remove all products from the face with a good make-up remover. Then wash the skin with water and a soap suitable for your skin.

2 – 10 Seconds: for a clean, fresh and healthy skin, use a moisturizing cream for 10 seconds after cleaning. The pores of the skin open after the bath, this causes the cream to be absorbed quickly.

3 – Massage with a hot towel: soaking a towel in hot water, putting on clean skin, and massaging for 15 minutes can work miracles. This procedure increases blood circulation, opens pores and helps the skin to breathe.

4 – Use face masks: the Koreans usually use masks with traditional ingredients, already well tested and proven by their ancestors. The routine includes the use of two masks, once a week, to help reduce skin impurities. Try one made with the legendary Cica (to soothe, hydrate, and nourish the skin leaving it calm, even and glowing) or a clear hydrogel mask that features Korean Sugar Maple (to help boost hydration and healthy glow in just 10 minutes).

5 – Use eye masks: the eye region is thin and requires care. It is usually the first place where wrinkles appear. Try an eye mask with hyaluronic acid for an instant moisture boost and golden shimmer for a brightening effect. And apply it with the correct movement: circular movements from the inside out.

6 – Don’t forget the lip mask: lip masks are a great option to retain moisture and bring softness to the lips (which dry out in both cold temperatures and the sun). Moisturizing this region is very important to avoid cracks and wrinkles. Try a mask with manuka honey and juicy peaches – these ingredients help to hydrate and plump up your lips.

7 – Hands are important too: all of these processes can be done for the hands as well. It is vital that your hands are in good condition. Use hand creams enriched with natural Korean extracts that will nourish and feed your skin with what it needs the most, such as Acacia, Milk, or Lotus Flower.

8 – Take advantage of nighttime: at bedtime, there is one more step, because this is when cell renewal happens. Try a sleep mask with mushrooms. Mushroom is known to contain kojic acid, which is known to lighten age spots and hyperpigmentation.

Can a Men Sell Avon?

Can a Men Sell Avon?

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Avon for men?  

Can men sell Avon?

A source of income – Meet new people – Make new friends – Work locally – Flexible hours – Work from home – Start your own business – Incentive prizes including holidays, cars gadgets and so much more… Avon is really so much more than just selling, it is about you your community your neighborhood and your friends and family.

Whether the family income has one or two breadwinners, there is nothing worse than the Monday morning feeling, the despair of having to go to work, that longing for the weekend to approach, or the holiday that is booked in several month’s time.



With AVON there’s none of this but what you do get is total freedom with when you start your working day and total flexibility with what you do in between your work periods. For instance you could be taking your kids to school and picking them up every day. How about that, you get to see more of your kids growing up. You want to take a few hours off, you can just do it with AVON.

Then there is the financial rewards, unlimited income, your pay goes up with your efforts and not the deal the Unions manage to negotiate or inflation.

AVON is attracting more and more men in becoming Representatives and Sales Leaders simply because they are seeing their wives or partners enjoying the great financial rewards and freedoms associated with building an AVON team. The bigger the team, the greater the commission you get.

Checkout > Prevent Eye Shadow Creasing

So why is the AVON MAN and the AVON LADY successful in running their AVON business? 


That’s because of the AVON product range, the iconic AVON brand, the well respected and well known AVON brochure,  and the television and magazine advertising. All of these features in combination ensure that men and women achieve great success in running their AVON business. For the same reason you don’t need to be a slick salesperson with that killer sales instinct, the brochure does the selling for you. All you have to do is ask, “Would you like an AVON brochure?”

Now the real shock because I am going to outline want you do need. First of all,  you need to be able to talk to people, you need to have a computer plus a car too and if you are receptive to some training, then YOU are our perfect person, man or woman, to become an AVON Representative or Sales Leader.

About the brand

What else can I tell you?

The brand name Avon says it all, “Hi would you like an Avon brochure” is all you need to ask.

The top 3 beauty brand in the UK & the world’s leading direct seller of beauty & related products.

The brochure always looks great and feels fabulous, more like a solid book than a flimsy pamphlet.

The products are innovative and top quality. Product lines include well-recognized brand names as Avon Color, Anew, Skin-So-Soft, Advanced Techniques to name just a few.

The prices are more than competitive proving excellent value.

The Guarantee is 100% no questions asked full refund within 90 days of purchase.

The First beauty company to stop testing on animal

The earnings opportunity is easy to understand, achievable and rewarding.

The Training and guidance is all in place, online and on the phone. Product info, and account support.

If you are prepared to put in the effort and time, anyone can earn with Avon. Us men may not be the best Avon ladies, we would never know the products quite so well as the ladies but we can put in the work effort, we can ask anyone if they would like to see an Avon brochure and the more you ask the more customers you get.

Now the Sales Leadership, the higher-earning business side of Avon. Can men succeed?

YES…because like above – Avon the company has set it up for ANYONE to succeed. Avon has made it easy for anyone to sell Avon as a Representative, that makes it easy for anyone to offer the representative opportunity to others.

Like offering the brochure, if you now offer the opportunity to earn money with Avon some people will take you up on the offer, and the more you offer it out the more people say yes please.

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There’s more, let me talk about the huge job satisfaction. AVON has been empowering women since 1886 by offering them a unique opportunity through direct selling. The huge satisfaction comes every time you teach a school leaver how to earn their first income, show a struggling pensioner how to top up their weekly pension, or give that person struggling to pay their mortgage great hope by supplementing their wages. These people are just so glad to have met you.

Then there is Avon’s support and money raising for charities such as Breast Cancer Crusade and Speak Out Against Domestic violence, you can’t help but be touched by some of the stories you hear and occasionally it’s from someone you have empowered by offering the Avon earnings opportunity.



Let’s not forget YOU, and why you should try Avon for men as an earnings opportunity.

With our help and support plus YOUR effort, drive, and ambition we can show YOU how, as a sales leader, YOU can make hundreds and thousands every single month with the AVON opportunity. Many of the hard-working, ambitious people who have climbed the AVON ranks are earning over £50, 000 and even £100,000 a year –YOU can do this too!

I can’t offer you a get rich quick scheme, but I do offer you an alternative to the 9-5 and having worked for a company for 16 years, I can tell you, I prefer the working from home, spending more time with myself and friends and family, and having a great life to that 9-5 option. If that’s a dream of yours then the AVON business is definitely for you.  Avon for men is a real option.

The hottest beauty ingredients you need to know about

The hottest beauty ingredients you need to know about

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Know your cloudberry from your retinol?  CBD from cica?  Ann Berry, Head of Fast Trend Beauty gives us the lowdown on today’s must-have beauty ingredients.

There are countless ‘hot’ ingredients out there but for us at Avon, the key is grounding our choice in consumer insight and efficacy.  For years consumers have reported wanting natural ingredients but not wanting to compromise on performance, so the ingredient might be on trend, but it has to deliver real results too to make it into one of our products.


It’s all over the news.  ‘Cannabinoids’ (the non-psychoactive extracts from the cannabis plant) are staking their claim to the wellness and beauty realms thanks to unparalleled calming, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. With inflammation at the root of almost everything – CBD extracts and hemp-derived oils work to ease aches, soothe stress and prolong your skin’s health.  We’ll be seeing an explosion of these products in the marketplace.

Hyaluronic acid

Holding the key to smooth, flawless, hydrated skin, hyaluronic acid is produced naturally by our skin to maintain moisture levels but ageing and environmental aggressors tend to make those natural levels dip.

Find it in Avon ANEW Clinical Anti Wrinkle Plumping Concentrate


This superfood is officially having a moment in skincare.  Its high in vitamin E, which helps us on the path to soft, supple skin and its natural antioxidant properties help delay cell ageing and improve skin elasticity.

Find it in Avon Care’s Replenishing Avocado collection


Cica comes from Korea, the home of skincare innovation and it’s here to stay. Often called Tiger grass because tigers in Asia roll around in the Cica plant when they’re injured, to help regenerate their skin.  It’s known for its healing, soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for sensitive skin.


Reduce redness, the appearance of stretch marks, fight acne and increase skin’s glow with turmeric.  Arguably one of the world’s most powerful herbs and it’s making its way out of our kitchens and into our beauty regimes.

Find it in Avon’s Planet Spa Ayurveda Ritual collection

Vitamin C

The skincare ingredient of 2018, vitamin C, is known for its skin brightening properties and its ability to help defend against environmental damage caused by free radicals.  It’s a tricky one to formulate, as it degrades in water so needs to be stabilised and the best results are achieved by looking for the purest form you can find.

Find it in Avon’s ANEW Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum

These are just a few.  There are so many more ingredients out there from carrot to algae and clay to matcha green tea, but it’s clear that the desire for healthy and ethical living is driving the key ingredient trends right now.  You can see our response to this in Distillery, our new vegan, eco-conscious range of clean beauty products that offer pure formulas and powerful results. We’ve included top quality ingredients (including vegan plant collagen, apricot oil, jojoba oil and cloudberry) with the highest levels of actives and no unnecessary fillers.  If it doesn’t make a positive difference to the formula, we don’t put it in, because while we’re always looking at new ingredient trends, we’re also looking at what we take out to deliver the most potent, concentrated formulas for better and more sustainable beauty

What is Cannabis Sativa Oil? Guide to Skincare’s Number 1 Ingredient

What is Cannabis Sativa Oil? Guide to Skincare’s Number 1 Ingredient


The Cannabis Sativa oil plant is a herb that’s used in everything from food to beauty. This rich ingredient contains around 8 cannabinoids, which are active compounds found in the plant’s leaves. Although Hemp and Marijuana are also a part of the Cannabis Sativa family, they’re used for different purposes and display very different results.


If you struggle with sensitive, dry or irritated skin, then Cannabis Sativa Oil is great at calming your skin down and has even been said to soothe chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Not only that, but Cannabis Sativa Oil has antibacterial qualities and can also help regulate how much oil your skin produces, leading to fewer spots and blackheads so your skin looks clean and fresh.


When it comes to Cannabis Sativa Oil in beauty and skincare, you’ll find it in all sorts of forms – from cleansers to face serums – and now even eyeshadows.

Daily masks and hydrating moisturisers are perfect for when the season’s change and your skin struggles with the chilly, dry winds of winter. Whereas cleansers will work perfectly in the warmer months to balance out your skin’s oil levels so you stay spot-free all summer long.

And if your hands are dried up after constant washing, it’s definitely worth looking for a hand and body cream thats full to the brim with hydrating Cannabis Sativa Oil goodness.

New Designer Fragrances are now available

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Exfoliating for Guys

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Avon Cyber Attack

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Get your AVON Business Online

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Avon partners with Korean manufacturer to bring innovative formulas and authentic ingredients to customers

Avon partners with Korean manufacturer to bring innovative formulas and authentic ingredients to customers

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Avon today announced another step in its transformation with the introduction of iAts first K-beauty collection – a new and innovative range of products straight from Korea – the home of skincare innovation. The collection is being introduced in Russia before rolling out to other European markets in early 2019.

As part of Avon’s plans to embrace an open eco-system through new alliances to optimise manufacturing and distribution, the collection is developed in partnership with Korean innovation experts, Bonne, a leading developer and manufacturer of luxury beauty. This new product range is made in Korea using authentic formulas and ingredients, harnessing the high performance, wonderful texture and eye-catching designs that are iconic in K-beauty products.

The collection of masks and hand creams use top quality, cutting edge ingredients including Cica, Chaga mushrooms and Hydrogel. Avon’s Hydrogel masks are unlike many others on the market because they are free from mesh or nets that most products on the markets need to overcome ripping issues – making Avon’s product experience more luxurious and indulgent

“Korean beauty is expected to hit $13.1 billion by 2020* – it’s the fourth largest skincare market in the world,” commented Louise Scott, Avon’s Chief Scientific Officer. “Avon has a rich history in world-class innovation and when combined with something as on-trend as K-beauty and the digitisation of our business it’s exciting for our customers and Representatives. The K-beauty collection brings innovative formulas and authentic ingredients that we do not have anywhere else in our portfolio. It’s a thrilling evolution in our mission of making top quality products available to everyone.”

Avon is a global brand whose mission is to democratize beauty – giving women all over the world access to latest products. For over a century Avon has been bringing high quality, innovative and on-trend beauty at an accessible price point. Avon’s business model is fundamental to democratising beauty – Avon Representatives provide a personalised service whilst taking cutting-edge beauty to customers everywhere.

This programme marks the latest milestone in Avon’s transformation – working with third parties and rapidly delivering on-trend products to meet local market needs.

Improving our environmental impact

Improving our environmental impact

Improving our environmental impact

We work to continually reduce our environmental footprint and responsibly manage our global operations. Our worldwide environmental management team is committed to implementing our policies, processes and goals, and we are proud of the progress we’ve made to date.

Reducing carbon emissions

We continue to focus on reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption, as well as increasing the use of renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint. We aspire to achieve zero emissions by using 100% clean energy and we are proud of the progress we’ve made to reduce our absolute GHG emissions.

Water stewardship

We continue to take steps to use water wisely and to conserve this valuable resource, especially in water stressed parts of the world, and we have almost met our 2020 water consumption target. We continue to implement projects to achieve zero water waste discharge in water-scarce countries where we operate, particularly in India, China and Brazil. Our manufacturing sites are committed to efforts to reduce water consumption.

Waste and recovery

We have reduced solid waste and increased recycling rates at manufacturing facilities through programmes that convert waste to energy, reuse wastewater sludge and educate global manufacturing associates on ways to reduce waste. We have surpassed our 2020 target of 90% ahead of time, and will continue to drive further as we review our new goals.

Sustainable packaging

We use a variety of plastic, glass, paper and cardboard packaging materials for our products. We aim to continually reduce the environmental impact of packaging during the product development process and in ongoing business operations. Any sustainability initiatives are designed to ensure a high-quality product, where the packaging is safe, suitable for consumer use and meets all regulatory requirements. We continue to evaluate opportunities to reduce our impact through packaging by reducing or eliminating unnecessary packaging, using post-consumer recycled materials in primary and secondary packaging and using refills and bio-based packaging resins. Additional initiatives to reduce the impact of packaging include carton elimination, refillable packaging, light weighting and scalability.

Tackling deforestation

As a direct seller whose ‘store’ is a brochure and printed materials, with virtually no brick and mortar stores, our business is a significant user of paper. The issue of deforestation is especially important to us, given this reliance on paper. We are committed to helping end deforestation through our Avon Paper Promise and our commitment to supporting sustainable palm oil production

Avon Paper Promise

We are committed to optimising our overall use of paper in every area of our business, including basis weight reductions, reductions in brochure size and increasing the use of digital media as a replacement for paper-based products.

Our Paper Promise is a comprehensive policy for promoting responsible forest use and protecting forests. We are making significant progress towards our Paper Promise goal to purchase 100% of our paper from certified and/or post-consumer recycled content sources by 2020.

To track progress and achieve our goals, Avon voluntarily reports the amount of wood fibre we purchase from suppliers under each of the forest certifications systems through WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network.

In 2018 we launched a mobile and e-interactive shoppable brochure, which, as well as enhancing the digital capabilities of our Representatives, will significantly reduce our paper use.

Palm Oil
Although more than 80% of palm oil is used for food products, palm oil is one of many natural oils used in personal care products and its production is associated with tropical deforestation and peatland depletion, which can result in the loss of natural habitats for endangered species and human rights issues.

As a company, we are committed to protecting the environment and respecting and upholding the human rights of the communities and workers affected by our operations and supply chain.

Although Avon is a relatively small user of palm oil or palm kernel oil (PKO) and predominantly uses ingredients that are derivatives, in our efforts to minimise our impact on the environment, we are committed to supporting the sustainable and responsible production of palm oil. We do this through our membership of the RSPO (round table on sustainable palm oil) and through holding our suppliers accountable to our responsible sourcing principles. In 2018, 51% of our palm oil derivatives, sourced from our 14 largest suppliers, was sourced from companies committed publicly to NDPE (no deforestation, peat or exploitation) principles and we are working hard to increase this and source from suppliers committed to these principles. Since 2011, we supported the production of sustainable palm oil through the Book & Claim RSPO programme, which means that we pay a voluntary premium to a palm oil producer operating within the RSPO strict guidelines for social and environmental responsibility to offset our use of untraceable palm oil derivatives in the production of our products. Since 2017, we have also focused on increasing transparency within our supply chain and promoted transformation programmes. Communicating our progress and commitments We commit to remaining open and transparent about our palm oil sustainability and traceability efforts. We report annually on progress and future actions in our Responsible Business Report and in our RSPO Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP).