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Don’t we all love those bargains when we go shopping? A lot of us are just hunting the different high street stores for the latest offers. Sometimes those offers contain special packaging sizes, that are usually not available in other stores. Also, one thing to consider is that we might need a discount card, or coupons or a store loyalty card to get those offers. It might not be as easy to get those offers as you think in the first place.

Aren’t Amway Products expansive? 

At first look, some of the Amway products seem more expansive than others in the market, however, when you compare them to other products you are saving substantially. In this article I want to especially compare the Glister products to other brands that I have been using myself. 

Glister toothpaste

The GLISTER toothpaste is an iconic product where you only need as much as the size of a pea to clean and brush your teeth. It is very economical in it’s use and when you stick to the recommended amount it will last for a long time. Compared to my test with Colgate it will outlast 5 tubes of Colgate toothpaste in comparison. So 1 Glister = 5 Colgate. This is a substantive saving in y humble opinion. But as with all tests they are subject to the person testing it. I personally think it is outstanding value for money.

Mouth Wash

Another regular I am using every day, is mouth wash. I used to buy the same brand from Listerine, and I was really surprised by this testing myself. Several months back now actually in January I started this test. This test is amazing and will save you real cash when you do the switch to Glister from Amway. When using Glister all you need is 1 really 1 drop from the easy dispenser in your water. That’s all. No cap full or anything like this. 1 drop will do for 250ml water. Usually, I go through 8 bottles of Listerine at the same time I went through 1 bottle of AMWAY GLISTER. 

so this is a saving of 1:8 


You can save substantial amounts by switching your regular bathroom products to Amway products. The quality is superb and the price is lower than your regular products. If you should not like a product for whatever reason there is a 90-day money-back guarantee on all the products. So you can shop with confidence.