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Sadly, we have to report, that there has been an incident at our hosting provider 1&1 Ionos, where a lot of our emails have been lost.

What has happened? 

Over the last two weeks we at have experienced some problems with our Emails. We use a system called Open Exchange (OX) which is hosted by a service provider called 1&1 Ionos or Ionos. 

What has happened?

Some of our mailboxes were lost and we lost all current Emails. We have been working very hard to restore access, to the mailboxes and to our diaries and files that we store on the systems, along with our task manager. 


Though we were able to restore all Emails and files exchanged in 2019 and in June 2020, we sadly have to report that all Emails received between January 2020 and June 2020 as well as all attachments and files in this time have been lost for good. 


We are very happy to report that no personal data, no credit card data or payment data has been affected by the data loss we have suffered. The loss only covered data lost that has been communicated in Emails. 

What we do now

We have transferred our crucial email operations over to a more reliable provider called PrivateEmail and as of today, all our Email storage and file share, tasks, calendar, and office applications such as word, excel, and presentation is going to be hosted and stored with them. It is also being backed up twice a day for extra security so that in the future an incident like this is no longer possible.