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Avon for men?  

Can men sell Avon?

A source of income – Meet new people – Make new friends – Work locally – Flexible hours – Work from home – Start your own business – Incentive prizes including holidays, cars gadgets and so much more… Avon is really so much more than just selling, it is about you your community your neighborhood and your friends and family.

Whether the family income has one or two breadwinners, there is nothing worse than the Monday morning feeling, the despair of having to go to work, that longing for the weekend to approach, or the holiday that is booked in several month’s time.



With AVON there’s none of this but what you do get is total freedom with when you start your working day and total flexibility with what you do in between your work periods. For instance you could be taking your kids to school and picking them up every day. How about that, you get to see more of your kids growing up. You want to take a few hours off, you can just do it with AVON.

Then there is the financial rewards, unlimited income, your pay goes up with your efforts and not the deal the Unions manage to negotiate or inflation.

AVON is attracting more and more men in becoming Representatives and Sales Leaders simply because they are seeing their wives or partners enjoying the great financial rewards and freedoms associated with building an AVON team. The bigger the team, the greater the commission you get.

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So why is the AVON MAN and the AVON LADY successful in running their AVON business? 


That’s because of the AVON product range, the iconic AVON brand, the well respected and well known AVON brochure,  and the television and magazine advertising. All of these features in combination ensure that men and women achieve great success in running their AVON business. For the same reason you don’t need to be a slick salesperson with that killer sales instinct, the brochure does the selling for you. All you have to do is ask, “Would you like an AVON brochure?”

Now the real shock because I am going to outline want you do need. First of all,  you need to be able to talk to people, you need to have a computer plus a car too and if you are receptive to some training, then YOU are our perfect person, man or woman, to become an AVON Representative or Sales Leader.

About the brand

What else can I tell you?

The brand name Avon says it all, “Hi would you like an Avon brochure” is all you need to ask.

The top 3 beauty brand in the UK & the world’s leading direct seller of beauty & related products.

The brochure always looks great and feels fabulous, more like a solid book than a flimsy pamphlet.

The products are innovative and top quality. Product lines include well-recognized brand names as Avon Color, Anew, Skin-So-Soft, Advanced Techniques to name just a few.

The prices are more than competitive proving excellent value.

The Guarantee is 100% no questions asked full refund within 90 days of purchase.

The First beauty company to stop testing on animal

The earnings opportunity is easy to understand, achievable and rewarding.

The Training and guidance is all in place, online and on the phone. Product info, and account support.

If you are prepared to put in the effort and time, anyone can earn with Avon. Us men may not be the best Avon ladies, we would never know the products quite so well as the ladies but we can put in the work effort, we can ask anyone if they would like to see an Avon brochure and the more you ask the more customers you get.

Now the Sales Leadership, the higher-earning business side of Avon. Can men succeed?

YES…because like above – Avon the company has set it up for ANYONE to succeed. Avon has made it easy for anyone to sell Avon as a Representative, that makes it easy for anyone to offer the representative opportunity to others.

Like offering the brochure, if you now offer the opportunity to earn money with Avon some people will take you up on the offer, and the more you offer it out the more people say yes please.

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There’s more, let me talk about the huge job satisfaction. AVON has been empowering women since 1886 by offering them a unique opportunity through direct selling. The huge satisfaction comes every time you teach a school leaver how to earn their first income, show a struggling pensioner how to top up their weekly pension, or give that person struggling to pay their mortgage great hope by supplementing their wages. These people are just so glad to have met you.

Then there is Avon’s support and money raising for charities such as Breast Cancer Crusade and Speak Out Against Domestic violence, you can’t help but be touched by some of the stories you hear and occasionally it’s from someone you have empowered by offering the Avon earnings opportunity.



Let’s not forget YOU, and why you should try Avon for men as an earnings opportunity.

With our help and support plus YOUR effort, drive, and ambition we can show YOU how, as a sales leader, YOU can make hundreds and thousands every single month with the AVON opportunity. Many of the hard-working, ambitious people who have climbed the AVON ranks are earning over £50, 000 and even £100,000 a year –YOU can do this too!

I can’t offer you a get rich quick scheme, but I do offer you an alternative to the 9-5 and having worked for a company for 16 years, I can tell you, I prefer the working from home, spending more time with myself and friends and family, and having a great life to that 9-5 option. If that’s a dream of yours then the AVON business is definitely for you.  Avon for men is a real option.