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Confession time. Until recently I was not someone who moisturised my skin on a regular basis. I just felt like it was another arduous task to add to my daily skincare routine. However, since trying G&H™ bath and body care products, I have taken skincare to a whole new level. I have discovered my two absolute favourite products, the NOURISH+ Body Lotion and the REFRESH+ Body Milk.

Firstly, the G&H NOURISH+™ Body Lotion is a beautiful blend of Orange Blossom Honey, Shea Butter and Pumpkin Seed Oil. The sweet notes give a luxurious feel to this amazing lotion. This blend of ingredients is moisture-rich and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and smelling divine. The velvety texture is gentle and glides onto your skin. I have found that if my legs tend to dry out (even in summer like mine) then G&H NOURISH+™ is the perfect go-to after my shower or bath. My skin feels more radiant and has a youthful radiant glow.

Secondly, the REFRESH+ Body Milk is a light and luscious formula that is soothing and gentle on my skin. I could not contain my excitement when this little beauty arrived on my doorstep. It contains an exclusive blend of Aloe, Grape Seed Extract and Green Tea Extract. My first thoughts about REFRESH+ Body Milk is that it smells fresh and summery. Upon applying the body milk I discovered that it was a thin consistency, and yet a little goes a long way. It absorbs quickly and leaves little residue. It’s perfect for the summer time when I am wanting to keep my skin hydrated but don’t want a heavy cream applied to my skin. I seriously fell in love with my skin after I applied REFRESH+ Body Milk.

With the new G&H range I couldn’t be more motivated to care for my skin. G&H NOURISH+ and G&H REFRESH+™ are the perfect addition to my current skincare routine. The balanced formulas contain carefully chosen botanicals and ingredients from nature and leave me feeling hydrated, glowing and happy every day.

AVON is cruelty-free and vegan

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