One of the most beloved skincare regimens in the world, K-beauty is becoming increasingly accessible and, with a few simple steps, it can be easy to follow

South Korea is considered to be twelve years ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to skincare innovation. No wonder Koreans have a reputation for having the most cared for skin on Earth. The secret is daily care and a beauty routine that is taken seriously by men and women from childhood.

But achieving a Korean-like skincare regimen sometimes feels too time-consuming. Not anymore! Avon travelled to South Korea to create a full line of k-beauty products and we brought back eight Korean secrets for beautiful, glowing skin:

1 – Cleansing: if you are wearing make-up, the first step is to remove all products from the face with a good make-up remover. Then wash the skin with water and a soap suitable for your skin.

2 – 10 Seconds: for a clean, fresh and healthy skin, use a moisturizing cream for 10 seconds after cleaning. The pores of the skin open after the bath, this causes the cream to be absorbed quickly.

3 – Massage with a hot towel: soaking a towel in hot water, putting on clean skin, and massaging for 15 minutes can work miracles. This procedure increases blood circulation, opens pores and helps the skin to breathe.

4 – Use face masks: the Koreans usually use masks with traditional ingredients, already well tested and proven by their ancestors. The routine includes the use of two masks, once a week, to help reduce skin impurities. Try one made with the legendary Cica (to soothe, hydrate, and nourish the skin leaving it calm, even and glowing) or a clear hydrogel mask that features Korean Sugar Maple (to help boost hydration and healthy glow in just 10 minutes).

5 – Use eye masks: the eye region is thin and requires care. It is usually the first place where wrinkles appear. Try an eye mask with hyaluronic acid for an instant moisture boost and golden shimmer for a brightening effect. And apply it with the correct movement: circular movements from the inside out.

6 – Don’t forget the lip mask: lip masks are a great option to retain moisture and bring softness to the lips (which dry out in both cold temperatures and the sun). Moisturizing this region is very important to avoid cracks and wrinkles. Try a mask with manuka honey and juicy peaches – these ingredients help to hydrate and plump up your lips.

7 – Hands are important too: all of these processes can be done for the hands as well. It is vital that your hands are in good condition. Use hand creams enriched with natural Korean extracts that will nourish and feed your skin with what it needs the most, such as Acacia, Milk, or Lotus Flower.

8 – Take advantage of nighttime: at bedtime, there is one more step, because this is when cell renewal happens. Try a sleep mask with mushrooms. Mushroom is known to contain kojic acid, which is known to lighten age spots and hyperpigmentation.