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Latest news on my own online shop

Since I have many international customers who love to get their products shipped directly to them, I have decided to open my own online shop that ships directly to you as my customer.

The two shops provided by both Avon and Amway, only ship inside the UK, so my own shop is shipping to any one no matter where you are. This shop that is still being built is a product of passion and love for the products I sell and for the customers I serve.

When will it be ready?

I guess that I will finish the shop with all products from both suppliers within the next month and my deadline is October for finishing everything.

Great features

My shop is designed with great features and I have all done it myself. As I can only do it in my free time things are taking a bit longer as I can’t work 8 hours on it every day.So progress is steady but a bit slow. I will have features like you being able to shop directly on Facebook or Instagram.

How do I ship?

I use Royal Mail to Ship at the moment but I am looking into different carriers such as Hermes, DHL and others to be offered in the future.

How to pay?

For orders being shipped I will accept debit and credit cards, pre payment into a UK or SEPA bank account or PayPal. For orders being picked up or delivered by me I will also accept cash payment.

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