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I’ve been developing this website, online shop, and blog now for over a year and I think it is time to take MyBeautyKing to new grounds. We have never done a Google Promotion for the site yet. All our visitors are self-generated until now and some came by reading the blog or through my Facebook or Twitter account. But Google and Google is not the same

Google Ads 

First I had to create a google ads account in order to be able to promote my products. I have done that over the weekend and set up the first UK wide campaign. Up to today (Sunday) we had 20 clicks on this campaign.

Google Shopping


I also had to set up a Google Shopping account, create a product feed from the online shop to daily connect to the Google Shopping portal to upload all product details and a image. The shopping account had to be linked to the other channels such as Youtube, Analytics, and of course Ads so that a single product can be promoted. I have done that too and created a feed that updates once a day. What a task that was. Took almost the whole weekend to do.

What next

Once all this was done, and the google bot actually visited all products it was time to set up a budget to promote. I have done that and soon after the website received its first 20 visitors from Google. We now have to check and improve the listings so that people will actually start seeing the right stuff and we get conversions. But this has not been done and I am still learning how to do this.