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MyBeautyKing has joined with to better promote our products and services and to get more website traffic.


As of now, will take care of all Pay Per Clcik adertising on Google for MyBeautyKing. We believe it is best to let people who deal with website and lead generation on a daily basis deal with our website. We have experiance with retail, sales, cosmetics and products but not as much with website promotion. We thought instead of setting money in the sand with beginners errors we go straight to professionals who know what they do.

So what are we doing?

We have decided to go with two products at the beginning, not because we don’t find the others useful it is just about finances and not overspending on marketing efforts. You must remember we have invested a great amount of money so far in developing this website and it does not generate income yet as much as we want it to. So we go for the basics first for the first six months. Those are the Reputation Manager  taking care of reviews we are receiving and that we can also request them, and also a place where all our social media activities can be viewed in one place. We are able to post to our Twitter and Facebook account at the same time from a single login but also see what customers post and respond to it. We also can see what other places such as Foursquare, and other directories hold on us, correct and sync our information. The second service we have signed up for is the Pay Per Click service for Google Ads. Google Ads we use to push up our search engine appearance in the area we are located. We could do all of London or all of the UK or Europe but this would be more than we have budget for, so we have decided to focus on the area we are actually serving. In time we will extend this to Facebook and Google Shoping Ads.

What results are we expacting

We have spoken at length with the digital experts at and according to them we should be expecting about 50 new orders witha basket value of £30 for each order that would be a great start for us and our shop. We will keep you updated  


AVON is cruelty-free and vegan

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