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The MyBeautyKing website has gotten a new update, and a new page has been added to the About Me section of the website. A new Team page introducing all the great and marvellous people who work tirelessly to make MyBeautyKing a success. 

What’s there to do? 

There is a multitude of tasks that we complete on a daily base, such as Social Media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. But there is more to it there is SEO work, Google Ads, and Google Shopping, where we need to submit product feeds update ads, and amend listings. We also need to maintain the online shop, write product descriptions, and add pictures.  We also upload new videos to our youtube channel.

Many of us are working to make this site happening and, sometimes it takes a combined effort to do things like writing this blog article to let you know what we are all about and to honor all the work each and everyone is doing this is why the Team page exists to simply put everyone into the right light. We will continue to improve the page, it’s ranking and the content.