Beauty comes in many shapes, sizes, colours and forms. It is the feeling you get when you look at the things you love in others and when you truly dig deep within yourself, past what others expect you to look like, and just be you!! My experience with beauty and my attempts to really enhance this on my face all began with ARTISTRY® skin care products.

That very first time I smoothed the ARTISTRY Youth Xtend™ (‘YX’) Enriching Lotion across my face, to diving into a full skincare regime. Each morning I get up and I don’t truly feel fresh for the day until I have washed my face with my YX Rich Cleansing Foam Once I have cleansed, whether it be in the shower or just from the basin, I rub some YX Softening Lotion on and really, the name of this product says it all. It glides across my skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Then onto my YX Protecting Lotion which completes the package and sets my face up for whatever it will encounter during the day. I cannot describe to someone who hasn’t used these products about the way they make my skin feel and the consistency they provide. There are many products I use within this range and I am known to couple my daily routine with ARTISTRY foundation, mascara and eyeliner just to enhance my look further.

Having a daily skincare routine is important in looking after the skin on our face. I know I have noticed a difference with my skin and myself since using these products and I highly recommend you try them out!!!!

AVON is cruelty-free and vegan

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