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When spring brings warmer temperatures our way, it’s a great time to start heading back outdoors for some much-needed fresh air! And while getting out and about can do wonders for our mindset, it can also take its toll on our immune systems.

When we expose our bodies to the elements and other people, what can we do to support our immune systems? Vitamin C is a natural choice to support our immune systems  — and a vitamin C supplement with added ascorbic acid helps ensure you’re getting enough.

What is ascorbic acid?

Ascorbic acid is the chemical name from vitamin C. In fact, the ascorbic acid that is used in supplements, and the vitamin C found in food, are chemically identical. It was first made in a lab in the 1930s.

Why use ascorbic acid?

The Nutrilite brand is committed to using the best of nature, combined with the best of science, to create our nutritional supplements. By doing so, we deliver powerful vitamins and minerals in the right amounts. When developing our Vitamin C Extended Release supplement, Nutrilite scientists wanted to ensure that capsule sizes would be easy for most people to swallow. They concluded that the most effective way to pack 500 milligrams of vitamin C each capsule would be to use a combination of vitamin C from acerola cherries — grown on our own organic farm in Brazil— and ascorbic acid derived from glucose.

Did you know?

The extended release formula in Nutrilite Vitamin C provides a slow, steady release of vitamin C over 8 hours. So it’s convenient, gentle on your stomach, and minimizes waste by helping your body use it more effectively.

Support your immunity with supplements you can trust

When you can’t eat enough vitamin C from fresh fruits and vegetables, dietary supplements can help fill the gap and support your immune system year-round! Get your Nutrilite Vitamin C Extended Release today!